Friday, August 02, 2013

August 1 2013

Screen capture of 24 Preludes. Dancers: Noriko Zarogoza & Chris Jovillar

Daily Stuff: Went into the SDB office in the AM to send off some faxes and do a little bit of office work. Have an ad that is due tomorrow.

Then went to In the Heights rehearsal. Reviewed the bows and had a little project for the cast. Since there is graffiti all over the set, I made a suggestion that the students be allowed to add their own tags to the walls. And the Powers That Be went for it. So we had a little art session to start the day.

After the afternoon rehearsal, I had a meeting regarding a possible project for the upcoming year. That was productive and answered some questions as well as giving us a clear strategy to move forward.

Then I had to pinch hit at a Theatre Talkback. Our lead was scheduled to speak with patrons before the performance tonight, but the event interfered with a pre-show Fight Call. A Fight Call is a safety rehearsal that is held in shows that have intricate stage combat. Anyhow, he had to leave early and Sam (the director) asked me if I would be willing to jump in and field questions as well. Of course, I said "Sure."

It was fine. Nicest part was finding out that we had a large group of high school students who were going to be doing the piece next year. They were there to learn. As were their instructors.

Also spoke to a nice couple who work with dancers in wheelchairs. I took their card and will try to contact them next week.

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