Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 26 2013

Screen capture of 24 Preludes #16. Dancer: Noriko Zarogoza

Daily Stuff: In The Heights rehearsal. Finished teching the whole show. Managed to get most of my notes done. Even had time to add a little section to the Club choreography I have been meaning to. The Finale of Act Two is pretty much done. I think I can add a little to the Finale of Act One. Will play with it a little tomorrow.

Did a run thru in the evening. Had a couple of dancers out, so it was a little odd.

My main issue will be fixing a section that is close to the end of the opening number. The spacing just doesn't quite work so I need to re-think it. I believe the steps are fine, its just that patterns don't work because there is a set piece further downstage than originally planned. It was originally supposed to be done in "couples" but I think I am going to have to scrap that plan.

Also have to reset a choral number, but that should be an easy fix. Just put them all on platforms.

Other than that, its looking pretty good.

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