Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 24 2013

Screen capture of 24 Preludes #16. Dancer: Noriko Zarogoza. Online now!

Daily Stuff: First Day of tech for In The Heights. We got though about a little under half of it. We have another day tomorrow, but with two extra hours. So we might just make it.

The lead's guyabera costume shirt came in and it was a baby blue instead of a royal blue. So I volunteered one that I own and they all seemed to like it. Which is great because I have never liked the material of the shirt. A bit too scratchy.

Anyhow, tech is a good time for me because it gives me the opportunity to clean things onstage while they are messing with light and sound cues. Since there are always long holding times while they work, I can clean and re-space and respace.

Got the opening number looking fairly decent. The solos and duets are all working well. The 96,000 number is consistently strong. Stopped right before the Club. We will pick that up tomorrow, but it is mostly light cues.

SUDS got another great review. Huzzah!

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