Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22 2013

Screen capture of 24 Preludes #16. Dancer: Noriko Zarogoza

Daily Stuff: Met with Charles McPherson this morning regarding a Creative Catalyst Project to be done in March of 2014. We needed to go over the deliverables in the grant. Ended up talking about "art." So nice when that happens.

Then got together the latest of the 24 Preludes and created the e-mail blast for it. 

Was supposed to meet with the new Executive Director of the commission for Arts and Culture, but a conflict came up (on their end) and we need to reschedule.

Pretty much it for today. It IS my day off after all. :)

Made it home in time to water my plants so they don't fry in the heat. Still can'y complain, I am sure it is much worse elsewhere.

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