Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23 2013

Screen capture of 24 Preludes #16. Dancer: Noriko Zarogoza

Daily Stuff: Meet with Leslie Meads about a Tea event to be done with our fall show. dancers  in animal costumes and PBJ sandwiches :)

In The Heights spacing rehearsal. First rehearsal in the theatre. Got through the show, which was good.

Had some time left over to go back and work a bit on the opening number. I always knew it was going to be a bit tricky and would need some time in the theatre to really set. So I added a few people to the first section and worked on patterns in the audience. Got about 1/3 through the piece, so will pick it up tomorrow during tech.

Everything still needs a bit more finessing and work, but will get there.

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