Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28 2013

Screen capture of 24 Preludes #16. Dancer: Noriko Zarogoza

Daily Stuff: First invited dress for In The Heights. End of a long week, so the show was a little wonky. Lots of little odd mistakes and trip ups.

I think the mixture of being tired AND excited at the same time contributed. Still it was a good show and the audience was nice and receptive.

I did play a fun gag on a cast member. We had a birthday in the cast today. So at the Fight call (which is usually very serious business) I had all the cast ready. If your show has involved stage combat sequences, you will generally have a pre-show mini rehearsal for safety. It is called a fight call.

This show has a huge brawl in a club. So the call is very serious and intense.

So today, we counted down to the first slug but right at the moment where he was going to make contact, the entire cast turned to the birthday boy on cue and sang Happy Birthday. Cupcakes for everyone!

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