Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17 2013

Screen Capture of 24 Preludes Online Ballet. #15. Because of the length of this prelude there was also the opportunity to repeat movement phrases in various configurations. There is nothing wong with this. If Chopin felt like he could repeat the same phrase six times, why not do the same thing (with variations of course)

Daily Stuff: Started with In The Heights. Worked out ensemble patterns for Carnival del Barrio in the morning, so when principles came in was easier to get them in. After that we stage a choral numebr. Done early so worked on the Club more. Set a few more ensemble sections. A rhumba and a section with dips. About 2/3rd's done with it.

Last thing was setting a small duet. Just had to make sure it didn't get too dreamy and sentimental.

On the way to SUDS rehearsal, I dropped by the Convention Center to pick up my Comic Con Badge. Helping out in the mornings before in the Heights rehearsal.

SUDS had a run through today with no audience. They have already done three previews which have gone pretty well. Gave a few notes, but it is pretty solid.

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