Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 10 2013

Promo for SUDS at New Village Arts.

Daily Stuff: In The Heights rehearsal. Cleaned the opening number and set final ensemble places for all of 96,000. So it puts me in a good place to go into the rehearsal later in the day. We then ran though everything we have set up until now, it is in pretty good shape.

Later in the afternoon, started to set 96,000 with the principals. They bring a lot to the process, so we got more than halfway though. It is a complex number because there are lot of different vocal lines. In numbers like that I always want to make sure that I can make who is singing what as legible to the audience as possible. Many choreographers won't do this, they will just give general blocking to everyone. But I actually think it makes it easier, to stage. It certainly helps figure out architecture of a number.

After dinner I set a number called No Me Diga. 4 girls having fun in a hair salon. I always enjoy setting intimate, light, silly pieces. Mainly because you have to put yourself into an intimate, light, silly mood to do it. Anyway, it ended up being cute.

SUDS rehearsal. Steve came by tonight. we spent most of the first part of the rehearsal on music and sound. Then worked a few of the entrances. Followed by a run through. The cast continues to make the parts their own. With some shows the externals help. this is one of them. The costumes have contributed a lot to how they see themselves.

The show opens for previews on Friday.

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