Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12 2013

Tyler Ruebensaal in SUDS at New Village Arts.

Daily Stuff: In The Heights reh. Started setting some salsa sequences on the ensemble for the mammoth Club scene. Then set a romantic duet (When Your Home). It's number that I wanted to go out into the audience. So the young lovers are running though the aisles. I think it will work. Won't know until we are in the space.

It was also nice because there is a short flashback sequence in the middle that allows one of the younger high school kids to show off some pop/locking. A small solo.

We were ahead of schedule so I set two solos for a character called the Piragua Guy. It's actually one of my favorite ideas. The first cross just goes in a straight line from stage left to stage right. The second song just reverses it. The Lyceum stage is really wide (60 feet) so the looong cross should cut the stage in an interesting way. And also give the character a sense of being "eternal." He is a bit of a survivor/observer. The performer is also an amazing singer, so that helps :)

After that we thru our last two days work. On schedule.

SUDS first preview. The cast was brilliant. Everything is coming along. The show was completely sold out! Very smooth only a few little mistakes. Nice place to be considering we really don't open for a week.

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