Monday, July 08, 2013

July 8 2013

Screen capture of 24 Preludes. Tessia Lane

Daily Stuff: Well, it is my day off but not really. Had a little e-mail meeting with Steve Gunderson regarding an upcoming project. Also, responded to some In The Heights logistics.

Came into the office to get the next Prelude in the 24 Preludes online series out. We are a little over halfway through. The next piece is very dreamy and romantic. There is a short entry for the dancers and then a longer adagio section.

Although each prelude is self contained, I sort of lumped a few together just to make things interesting for myself.
The first seven were set up for a couple. A series of three pas de deux broken up by solos (one for him, two for her) that then had a brief recessional. Very "classical".
The next 6 were given to a quartet. One guy and three girls. This section was a bit less classical. Particularly, the guys two opening solos.

Which brings us to where we are in the middle. Which will be quite a bit more romantic.



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