Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15 2013

Screen Capture of 24 Preludes Online Ballet. #15. Dancers of the San Diego Ballet. This is the longest of the preludes and is often referred to as the "Raindrop." Because of its delicate nature I thought it only made sense to bring out the blue romantic tutus. Because if the length of the piece it was also the easiest one to sustain the idea of a group dance. Which gave a nice break from the solos and duets.

Daily Stuff. Day off from In The Heights. Came into the ballet office to get some work done. Met with a company dancer about her taking on some social media responsibilities, such as the company Instagram page.

Also met with Ana Sarao, regarding facilitating the hip hop dancers for our fall show. Very nice chat, also talked about community building and such.

Set up the latest of the 24 Preludes to go online tomorrow and created the e-mail blast for it.

Back to In The Heights and SUDS tomorrow.

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