Friday, July 12, 2013

July 11 2013

Sarah Errington in the New Village Arts production SUDS.

Daily Stuff: In The Heights rehearsal. Had the morning off. Then in to review No Me Diga and 96,000.   The Union Tribune was in shooting video for a story. I hope I am not in it. Have gotten kind of camera shy recently. Managed to set a finish for the principals in 96,000, but not 100 percent happy with it. Still needs a little work.

Sent the cast off for some salsa lessons while I set a  number for the Grandmother in the show. Our version is very different from the Broadway version. They had these sort of "ghost figures" coming in and going some very show biz choreography. I just didn't like the idea of people pretending to be other characters, so we are just having the cast stand far upstage while the Grandmother emotes DS. Like a Greek chorus. I think it will work. Seems to.

SUDS rehearsal. Worked some transitions and costume issues before a final dress. Had a couple of mishaps in Act One but everyone survived:)

1st preview tomorrow.

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