Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31 2013

Barrymore again as Don Juan.

Daily Stuff: Taught again today. Ended up coming in as a last minute substitution. Gave an inside fouette turn combination. Love those turns. Very technical. I have an image of them in my mind of Allegra Kent doing them as the Dewdrop in Nutcracker.

Reviewed the Baskets and Gypsy stuff to start. Then I staged the sequence after Don Juan wakes up after his Dream. All came together smoothly, except at the beginning the girls had a problem with changing the facing of a step. For some reason, it just didn't make sense to them when they had to face sideways.

Anyhow, completed the sequence, which finishes Act Two.

Then reviewed the Peasant Bride and Groom's first sequence. Looks fine. And went on to start the dance for the "Celebratory Dancers" at the wedding.

I figured I wanted something like the Peasant pas de deux from Giselle at the top of Act Three. Something splashy and fun, that would just bump the energy up. I found the appropriate bravura sounding piece and the dancers seemed to respond well to it. It is a bit too long for what I need, so I have to work out an interior cut. It does have a very romantic sounding section in the middle which will be nice to set up some drama wit Don Juan and the bride.

We shall see. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a productive day.



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