Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26 2013

Rehearsal Mambomania Fall 2012 Photography : Manny Rotenberg

Daily Stuff: Ok, started to put the Ocean Voyage section of Don Juan together today. Added sailors and a cabin boy, I think it is going to work nicely. Very whimsical. And more importantly, I think it really locked me into thinking of the show in a certain style. 

Then ran the Gypsies. They are pretty clean so will pull back on their rehearsals. 

Finally, started setting the Husband's section in the opening family scene. Have to admit I was a bit worried about it (and still have some trepidation going into tomorrows rehearsal), but so far, its good. My concern isn't with the dancers. It is more with the fact that of the 4 dancers used in the section, 3 have limited availability for rehearsal. So unlike some other sections where I can take a bit of time, with this one I have to be inspired and efficient on schedule.

I know, poor me. :(

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