Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23 2013

Rehearsal Mambomania  Fall 2012  Photography : Manny Rotenberg

Daily Stuff: Taught company class today.Then had a split Don Juan rehearsal. While I worked with Max and the fruit vendors to set his stuff, Robin took the gypsies for an hour to work Matt Carney in. Afterwards, I joined the gypsy rehearsal to work a bit on the end of the first act and beginning of the second act. Think I have a handle on the gypsy exit now. So will finish that up tomorrow.

Also worked with the Harem and Geishas today. Started working with the sea nymphs as well.  I rather like the nymphs choreography so far. Very frolicsome. Is that a word?

Then got my bi-annual haircut and taught an adult class. Broke down some ballet basics today for them.

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