Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29 2013

Ah, Errol Flynn in Don Juan. A little past his "Robin Hood" prime and beauty, but still watchable. Was anyone ever as "confident" on screen?

Daily Stuff: Taught company class today. My favorite thing is giving an easy step that is only slightly different than usual and watching the dancers deal with it. Today was pas de chat that changed the front foot on landing or were performed en tournant.

We worked on Don Juan. Cleaned the Dream. Added a little more Don Juan/Vison interest in the 3rd movement of it. I am pretty sure I have one more cross for them to add and then it will be fine.

Went over the Don Juan/Gypsy section. Finished the exit to get Don Juan to the section where he meets the sailors.

Then worked more on the Peasant Wedding in Act 3 with the Peasant Brie and Groom. One little moment gave me a bit of problem as it just didn't have enough crossing motion in it. It needed to look like a bit of a Spanish folk dance with a bit more theatrical crossing to it. But I figured it out. Also, figured out that the motif of the section is a assisted jete lift.

Afterwards, I went to Florence Elementary to teach my 3rd graders. I am teaching the Saute - Chasse. Last week about 3 of them could do it. Today, 12. Huzzah! Success!



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