Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30 2013

Errol Flynn and Viveca Lindfors in The New Adventures of Don Juan. Love the fact that the movie basically makes up its own Don Juan adventures... just like my version.

Daily Stuff: Added one more cross for Max and Stephanie in the Dream in Don Juan. And I finessed a cross that Stephanie does, as well as changing the timing for two soloists at the end. I think I have pretty much finished tweaking that section.

Then I went through the linking section after the Gypsies into the Ocean Voyage with Max. i talked him through the sequence but not in depth as we will be setting it with all involved on Saturday.

Then I worked a bit more with Stephanie and Joe on the Peasant Wedding before adding the rest of the peasants. That was fun as we were setting folk dance type movement to go behind the wedding pas. Agnes DeMille once said that "There is no such thing as a bad folk dance." And I think that is true. The most important thing for me was to set something that the dancers could actually have fun doing and seemed like a natural response to the music.

Afterwards I spent some time by myself with a central section of music to make some sort of structural sense of it.

And I taught an adult class tonight. Nice to see some students making progress.



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