Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27 2013

Rehearsal Mambomania Fall 2012  Photography : Manny Rotenberg
Rehearsal Mambomania Fall 2012  Photography : Manny Rotenberg
The final moments of Mambomania. Well danced by the current cast.

Daily Stuff: Taught Company Class today. Normally, I don't teach two days in a row. So it was nice to repeat most of the combinations, so the dancers could get a second crack at them

Then choreographed the opening family scenes. It was nice to work on. All of the dancers involved brought a lot to the session, which made the process easier. Finished most of it. So I have most of the first act and second act finished. So two full weeks to do the third (but still need to clean and run the first two acts, so its really less time). Not worried, but not resting on my laurels either.

"Day off" tomorrow.

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