Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beautiful Poses

Its odd that as I right this one of my lead dancers with the company has just gotten an off season job doing a corporate event for Fabrege. Modeling jewelry as she emerges from a 7 foot tall Fabrege egg.

So I guess it is a day for being fabulous. (How I dislike that word. Something I have to come to grips with. I guess too often people see some of my work as "fabulous" when i was really going for "sublime." The idea of beauty on a grand scale to some just means increased style over substance. Where as I think "more" beauty can add to substance.)

Anyway more Funny Face

Another highlight of the movie occurs after Audrey has bought into the idea of becoming a high fashion model (she originally was a bookseller who was taking advantage of an opportunity to go to Paris to meet a high brow philosopher.) What we see is basically a series of quick scenes of different photoshoots around Paris. The following are publicity shots taken from an slightly different angle than what you would see in the movie. The movie is also in color which adds to the effect.

Audrey had a long-standing, exclusive relationship with the designer Givenchy. They met when he was retained to design Audrey's wardrobe for the movie Sabrina, another Cinderella story. The famous anecdote is that he was excited because he was expecting KATHRYN Hepburn to walk through the door (Audrey was not that well known at the time). So when Audrey showed up, he was noticably disappointed. But not for long.

In addition the the visual feast of a new Givenchy collection for Audrey, movie viewers were also treated to a sort of travelogue around Paris. It must not be forgotten that this movie was shot in the days before the Internet AND color TV. So the only way that you could see Paris (or Rome or Tokyo) in all its glory was to go there. Or see it on a big screen. Movies shot "on location" were a special treat to movie goers. So different today, where movies are becoming more elaborate by shooting in little studios and layering everything in with computers.
While all of the location shooting makes for a beautiful film, it doesn't always serve some elements of the musical genre, which will be discussed in the next blog. Oh and another little bit of useless movie trivia info... the dog in Audrey's arm is her own. She was fond of little terriers and always traveled with one.

The above pic is actually from my favorite shot, at the flower market. But it is from the wrong angle. The movie camera is actually to the left and she is looking into it, surrounded by a blaze of color.

Again, the "real" shot is to the left.

The penultimate shot has Audrey gliding down the steps in front of the winged statue of Nike. The dress and scarf are a brillinat red. There is one more shot after this one, in a wedding dress, which serves as a backdrop fro the big romantic dance number. More on that next time.



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