Thursday, June 21, 2007

Phone Tag and Really Big Teeth

The Balloon is hanging in there.

This morning I woke up at 7 to call New York. I had to call at 10 am New York time. I was calling the director of the Most Wanted project. Unfortunately the number that was given to me wasn't quite right. Meanwhile he called me at the office, while I wasn't at home.

Never managed to connect. Drat! I hate it when that happens. Ah wait! Phone.

Half an hour has just passed. I just spoke with him. All done. Found out that a friend of a friend is in the show, so that should be fun.

Thats about it for now...

More summer reading faves. Close to Shore is a fascinating book that looks at a series of shark attacks in the early 20th century that probably served as the inspiration for Jaws. The book goes back and forth from a fictional narrative of actual persons involved in one chapter, to a historical observation of the society at the time, to a fictional viewpoint of the shark, to what they thought of sharks back then, to what we know about sharks now, etc.

The interesting thing about the story is that at one point the shark get disoriented and swims up a river. While he is there he attacks and kills some boys who are swimming. Which reminds me of the most irrational fear I have.

When I was a kid I went to see a James Bond movie called Thunderball.

Along with a beautiful (dubbed) heroine named Domino, a beautiful red haired villaness and much underwater scenery, there is one particular scene which has always stayed with me. At one point our hero is fighting with a villainous henchman. They fall into a regular old swimming pool. At which point, the evil genius mastermind opens a side gate in the pool and releases some sharks into it. Of course, grisly carnage ensues

The scene took place at night and the pool lights gave a very specific glow in the scene. So to this day I can not get into a swimming pool at night alone... for fear that a side gate is going to open up and release some sharks into it.

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