Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Those Hazy Days of Summer

Back again!

So much has happened since I last wrote to you my little blog.

I went off to England to teach jazz dancing and have returned. Its an annual trek I do for friends.

Much fun was had and I had my favorite Indian dish at my favorite Indian restaurant in England. Allo Chat at The Prince of Bengal in Watford. Its an appetizer, but I always ask them to bring me 3 orders. It is a spicy, sour potato dish. Much yumminess.

The students were very nice and I caught up with a hip hop instructor from New York. James Jackson from Broadway Dance Center.

We make quite a pair sightseeing in London. He is black, over 6 feet and tres' urban chic. I on the other hand look like a slightly chubby, sweatsuit wearing version of the Devil (I am currently sporting a goatee.) And together we took the streets of London by storm.

Oh and it DID storm. The whole middle (center, heart) of England was flooded.

But that didn't stop us from visiting our fave English fast food place...

They have a brilliant idea, which I am sure would be a huge hit in the States. They have one kind of pasta. Penne. Which they give you in a Starbucks type cup (small, medium or large) and then you choose which sauce you want on it. Fast and tasty.

So now, I am back and teaching at our combined Dance Place San Diego Summer Program. Pretty much just teaching a choreography class. I am getting a headstart on the Joplin piece that will be premired in October. I already did a couple of pieces that were shown at our Intimate Evening performances and at our In Studio fundraiser.

And I am currently, as I write this, getting into a semi heated discussion regarding whether or not we should do a new piece for our LD that we take out to schools...

A discussion that is now over.

My niece is also in town, so I am dropping her and her friend off at various San Diego locations as I go off to work and then picking them up afterwards.

Today's location was...

The World Famous San Diego Zoo.

I love the zoo. Am a member and have been going ever since I was a wee small child. I even did a summer kids program there. But it wasn't a Zoo Camp. It was a Zoology course for gifted kids.

They would take us to the zoo every weekday for one summer.
We would be spilt up into groups of 4 or 5.
Be given worksheets and projects.
And then let loose at 8:30 and be told to be back by 12:30.
Unattended 10 year olds running rampant at the zoo.

A quite eventful summer, that included may trips to the sea lion pool, a brand new (not to well thought out) attraction called the Wolf Walk (that was closed within the year) and a tiny romance with the daughter of the zoo's offical photographer, Ron Garrison. Ah, youth!

And what is my favorite animal at the zoo?

The Snow Leopard. Such big paws! And that tail!

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