Thursday, August 16, 2007

All That Glitters... not

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My niece is visiting, so I have been busy showing her the sights. She turned 21 this year, so I made sure to take a road trip and show her sin city... Las Vegas. While we were there, we took in Jubilee at Bally's.

Jubilee is an old-style topless Vegas revue that has been running for 25 years. A few of SDB's dancers have gone on to perform there. It may not be as artistically satisfying, but it is much more financially lucrative. Say what you want about Vegas, but it DOES keep a lot of singers and dancers employed.

As for the show itself, it pretty much is a time capsule of the type of show and taste of Vegas of 25 years ago. The performers who understood that, seemed to be having the best time playing at being a showgirl or a chorus boy. But some of the performers should have been fired. And since Jubille has a new contract every 6 months, maybe they will.

Honestly, if you aren't going to enjoy displaying your "body beautiful" in various permutations of feathers and sequins (that leave little to the imagination) then why not get a job at the McDonalds on the Strip? Because it doesn't matter how gorgeous you may think you are, if you are just phoning it in, or worse, then the audience can tell. And there were a few dancers onstage, some in large parts, who weren't doing us any favors by gracing us with their presence.

That said the show was well rehearsed and clean. If there were a few less than involved dancers, at least they were on the right foot and in line with the others.

And a note to some of the "leads." If the audience is looking at the back up dancers instead of you, maybe its either time to put a little more into it or make a graceful farewell.

And talking about taste and style...

Another excursion that was taken with my neice was an evening at unique, fun Sand Diego establishment...

Cinema Under The Stars shows a variety of movies in an intimate setting in Mission Hills. While some of the movies are closer to current fare, the majority are more along the lines of Casablana or Rebecca or my favorite thing of the moment...

Funny Face is basically a Cinderella story that takes uses as its backdrop the wonderful world of high fashion in the late 50's. What makes the move so wonderful is not just the performances of the ultra sophisticated and so elegantly graceful that they couldn't be human beings, Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, but the participation of Richard Avedon in the project.

Avedon was THE fashion photographer of the era. Astaire's character is patterned somewhat on Avedeon. Although Funny Face IS a studio film, Avedon's input gives the film a visual viewpoint unlike any other. Later, Avedon was quoted as saying that Audrey was his ultimate muse. Lucky for us that Audrey is also dressed in this film (as she was in most) by the designer Givenchy... who also calimed her as HIS ultimate muse.

So Funny Face gives us a woman dressed and photographed by two artists at the hight of their ability.

I'll be talking more about what makes this movie so special in the days to come.

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