Monday, July 09, 2007

We're Having A Heat Wave!

Yep, its hot here.

And since we are rehearsing a rock and roll musical in a small non air conditioned studio in Escondido, California, its been very hot.

Tomorrow, we move to the theatre. The Welk Theatre has a very quick turnover. One show closes on Sunday and the next opens for previews on Thursday. The cast is very ready to get onstage and begin adapting to the new space.

The rehearsal will start with a photoshoot, which will be a bit odd because the actor's haven't seen each other in their costumes until then. So odd and exciting. And then we will space the show out onstage.

The cast isn't going to be able to have a run through for the next two days, so we ran the show twice today. I think that it was good for the cast, because we had the rock instumentalists (who are also actors in the show) playing live. While it ended up being too loud to hear some of the dialogue and vocals (because the other actors weren't miked in the studio), it really gave the cast a nice energy jolt. They got to go crazy in the finale and just rock out. Which is what they are supposed to do.

As a side note, since Steve had to leave the process early, I have brought Rachel Sebastian in from SDB to assist me. So she is taking the backup singers and dancers off to work on their steps while I work with other groups of actors.



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