Friday, June 08, 2007

Thank God It's Friday !

Set two more dances for the STAR Awards today.

One for Andrea Feier (who will personify "action") and one for Rachel Sebastian (who will be portraying "labor.") Both dances were set fairly quickly, I love it when that happens.

The balloon shows no signs of failing.
You know, we did a show in Amarillo, Texas, "Helium Capital of the World." While we were there some of us took a trip to see the Cadillac Ranch. It's just outside of the town, but we went at 12 at night.

So we kept driving past it because it is pitch black out there. We finally found it, after much driving on the backroads of Texas and made our pilgramidge. You have to walk past a cow pasture to get there. It was FREEZING!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman.

Yes, count me in as a geek, but I love Superman, just like Jerry Seinfield. One of my favorite movies of all time is the Christopher Reeve version. Although there was much talk about the sequel (Superman 2) being better than the original, I have to disagree.

This movie really delivered on every promise that it made. And Reeve was the perfect vision of a boy scout in blue underwear.

Special effects weren't as advanced back then so it was really special to actually see someone flying in a movie. Everytime Reeve zoomed into the air, the audience was in awe. The movie itself struck the perfect balance between comic book and believable action flick.

But my favorite part of the movie is the Superman's first date with Lois Lane. Superman saving Lois for the first time is a close second. Compare the Superman Saving Lois scene with the first saving Lois scene in Superman Returns, and you will notice how much movies have lost when it comes to action sequences. They have become a blur.

Anyhow, back to the first date. This sequence takes 14 minutes. Can you imagine a movie today taking 14 minutes with only two characters on the screen? Let alone the fact that the they only speak for the first 6 minutes. While they are flying, they are silent.

So we have just two people smiling at each other and falling in love. Now that is a risk. In an action movie.

Given the tragedy of what happened to Christopher Reeve and how he decided to use it to shape his life (Sure, the whole"Now he really is a Superman" thing was overused, but it doesn't take away from what he did), everytime I watch the movie I get to ruminate not just on heroism, but the transitory nature of things... AND the joy of believing in a big blue smiling boy scout with a curl who will swoop in and solve all your problems.

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