Friday, May 04, 2007


Ah the joy of bulk mailing.

Today, we had to get our bulk mailing sorted out for the upcoming fundraiser. So with the help of my stalwart Chula Vista Middle School students...

We put enough of a dent in the invites and envelopes...

That Robin and I were able to get it all ready...

So that Elena (our office aid and junior company director) can take it off to the post office.

More artistic director glamor, sitting on the floor with address labels. At least the carpet is nicer here than it was in our old studio.

At CVM, I was leaving my room and came face to face with some "lovely" fresh graffiti. Not just gang style tagging, but more along the lines of something you would see in a men's restroom...

In a bad part of town...

Complete with illustrations...

AND gang references.

So since there were kids around I had to stand in front of it, so they couldn't see it, as they passed from class to class. It's the little things that make the life of a public school teacher so delightful.

At SDB, the independent choreographers had a dress rehearsal for their show tomorrow. I didn't attend. I plan on being surprised. But I DID hear a lot of applause from the dancers for each other. And the 3 shows are sold out. So that is good. We are selling space on the floor now. Bring a cushion.

Karen and Chelsy are off to Australia on Monday, so I decided to take them to one of my favorite places in San Diego.

C Level ( a take on Sea Level) is a wonderful restaurant on the bay in San Diego. It is the more informal part of a fancy schmancy restaurant...

For more info on both, you can go to...

C level is a lovely place to go and chat, but it isn't just the yummy food, huge desserts, super cool front door and friendly wait staff (ask for Jesse) that make the place memorable. C level has THE most amazing view of San Diego of any restaurant in town. And I personally think that the view from C level is better than the view from Island Prime.

Now the pic above is very nice, but doesn't do it justice. Because if you kept tracking to the right in the pic, you would see the Coronado Bridge, Coronado, lit up aircraft carriers, the Point Loma Lighthouse and more. All from a deck that jets right out onto the bay.

But reading this one would think that my "favorite thing" I am writing about is C Level. It isn't, although I love the place.Or the San Diego skyline. Which is a favorite thing but not this time around.

My favorite thing is a drink I had at C level for the first time. A Lucille Ball.

For those of you who do not know me, I don't drink alcohol. Never have, never will. Don't like the taste and I have no desire to be high, drunk or in any altered state whatsoever. (Not that my friends live by the same rules.)

Anyway, it isn't often that restaurants take the time to make non-alcoholic fun stuff.

So the Lucille Ball was a nice surprise. A GROWN UP non-alcoholic drink. The flavors were mainly lime and mint. When you drank it, it seemed as if you had a few mint leaves in your mouth and were just letting some purified water filter through them.

It isn't often that you experience a totally new eating/drinking experience at 45 but I can truly say that the Lucille Ball was exactly that.

AND it comes in a BIG glass :)

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