Wednesday, June 06, 2007

All Done

I guess its time to retrain my blogging muscles.

Well, we had our big auction.

We usually have it off-site, but since we just moved here, we felt we needed to introduce our patrons to Dance Place as much as possible this year. So in addition to in-studio performances and open houses, we had our auction here.

So the hallways were filled with auction baskets and items and services genrously donated by local merchants. We also had a Progressive Performance where the patrons traveled from one studio to another. The dancers in the studios got to speak to audiences one on one about the dances that they were doing. To keep it intimate, we kept the groups to about 25 per studio, so that each group of dancers had to repeat their dances 5 times.

5 dances were shown (well 6, but we will talk about that in a sec).

First was the previously discussed Swan.

Second was a dance choreographed for Shannon Hunter. Shannon hurt her foot right before our Sonnets show, so she was unable to perform in it. But I enjoy watching Shannon dance. She has a womanly quality (as opposed to a girl-ish quality) that a lot of dancers lack. So I choreographed a dance for her where she never gets up off the floor. It will be part of a ballet set to early jazz recordings that we will do next season.

Third was a reconstruction of a piece set to Scott Joplin music. It was first choreographed as a trio for a series of performances with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra. It is now going into a Joplin ballet next year and has been redone as a quartet.

Fourth up was a pas de deux from La Bayadere. It was performed by Bernadette Torres and Askar Alimbetov. She was originally rehearsing it for a competition, but has decided to do two solos instead. Since she had put in the rehearsal time on the dance and had no place to show it, we decided to give her the chance to perform it at the auction.

Fifth was a showing by the Junior Company, a group associated with our school. They performed 2 dances from La Bayadere as well.

We then had a live auction where many things were bid upon, including having me go cook at someones home. And that was followed by a dance on the green... in front of Dance Place... under afull moon... by students from the school and SDB company dancer, Abby Avery.

So a good time was had by all and we raised alot of money. Never enough, but a help. And at least all of the auction baskets that had over run the office are almost out of here. There is still a lone star shaped hellium filled balloon floating by me. I'll see how long it lasts.

There is still some vanilla-lemon cake in the freezer as well, I am guessing it won't last as long as the balloon.

Now I just have to finish the San Diego Performing Arts League STAR AWARDS and I will be free for a couple of weeks.

Well, not free. Lots of administration, but no production.

Okay, I have started to turn my desk into more of a personal environment. To that end, I have started adding a few things. Here you see...

Eternal happiness or Perpetual Happiness or some kind of Long Lasting Happiness. My older brother (who I have always had a curious relationship with to say the least) has on occasion given me a gift that resonates with me. To put it simply, we do not see eye to eye on many a thing. I actually feel a bit sorry for him, as I am sure that he was anticipating having a vibrant playmate when he was told that he was getting a baby brother. And instead he ended up with a serious, solitude-loving slug. It is this realization that has allowed me to excuse his poking, jabbing and general harassment of me as a child. I was simply no fun, since I was wrapped up in my little dreamworld.

Anyhow, he once gave me this little guy. There is a solar cell, so as long as he has light, his head rocks back and forth contendedly. There is a little green thing with a bunny tail hugging him. So when I come into the office, I have this smiling head bobbing movement thingy that welcomes me.


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