Saturday, May 05, 2007

Here I Sit...

It is 7:07.

The show will start in the studio upstairs in 53 minutes. Just walked in the door and I have absolutely nothing to do until I walk into the studio. Such a lovely feeling. Bliss.

Don't have to deal with a costume that isn't working.
Don't have to deal with tickets.
Don't have to do any last minute tech notes.

Didn't even need to dress up since I will be sitting on the floor for the show. :)

So I am ready to be surprised by whatever choreographic delights may occur tonight.

Had a little emergency yesterday. I don't think I mentioned this but earlier this year, my mom had a major surgery. She had a fairly advanced case of scoliosis that was rapidly getting worse. So in January, she had a 9 hour operation to take her spine apart and put it back together.

Well, things are actually going pretty well. She has a body brace that she wears while she is awake, but she is being weaned off. Well, yesterday, she fell as she was getting out of a chair and ended up breaking her wrist. Everything is fine and she isn't in pain but it made for an exciting evening.

I only have a few minutes, so I'll pick something easy. Since I was talking about my mom...

I loved Mighty Mouse as a child. My mom used to plunk us in front of the TV and turn it on. She said that she liked the show because the mice were so sweet and cute.

I think I liked the ears and the (predominantly) yellow costume.

To this day, I like mice and rats as pets, maybe I am just channeling my days in front to the tube.

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