Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back to Junior High

Okay, as predicted I went to yesterdays event (Youth Involvement in the Arts) and we had to breakout into discussion groups. And of course... my table won!!!!

Just kidding, but I always like to make these things fun. So anyway, even though our "win" was self proclaimed, many thanks to Melanie, Jenna, Derrick, Robin, and Ann... for kicking the *#% of all the other tables!

So we came up with many "brilliant" plans to introduce to get younger people involved in the arts.

Ballet Clubs on college campuses.
Bringing young people onto boards.
Philanthropy Training.
Peer to peer pairing of young people with young dancers.

Lots O Stuff.

Today, we had to send off a California Arts Council Grant for "Artists in Residence" in Schools. This was complicated by the fact that I was covering for Beverly at Chula Vista Middle (a school for creative and performing arts). I am setting some jazz pieces on the dancers. Fun music! Fun dancing! Next week we shall talk about... Jazz dancing!

Okay, today's favorite thing is cheese!

Now, I can't stand the blue moldy cheeses. Or anything that doesn't come out of a cow. But bring on the ultra super sharp cheddars.

Nummy nummy.

Its one of the reasons that I love to go to England (that and seeing friends.) Davidstow and Redd Leicester. When I came back from England last year, a dear friend (Thank you Diane!) practically filled my suitcase with cheese. I was worried that it would be taken from me at Heathrow, but the ticket agent just gave me more advice on cheeses I should get the next time I go.

One of my favorite places to go is Taste Artesian Cheese in Hillcrest.
It will cost ya, but it is a cheese lovers delight. And next to a delightful wine place.

Oh, so sophisticated.
Oh, so cosmopolitan.

Go to their website...

And click on the cheese link.
It's Internet nirvana for cheese lovers.

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