Sunday, April 22, 2007

Buy Some Candye!

Happy Sunday afternoon all!

A brief break from the ballet.

As you may know, I also do a lot of freelance work. One of the pieces that I am developing aside from the ballet is a theater piece based on a local vocal artist.

Candye Kane.

Candye is an amazing singer whose career has spanned punk, country and blues genres. She also had an "eventful" dramatic life from childhood through adulthood. A life that took her through the gangs of East LA, the controversial world of adult entertainment, physical abuse, and the premature deaths of friends and loved ones. Through all of this though, she has always kept an amazingly positive outlook and her artistic dreams alive.

We had a reading of the show in March to much positive response and are looking forward to the next step.


Before that happens, Candye has just released a new CD. It is called Guitar'd and Feathered. And is available at

You are getting sleepy... sleepy... you will go to and buy 20 CDs for your friends and family.

The album features a different guitar playing guest artist on each song. So it is like those Tony Bennett/Ray Charles/ Frank Sinatra duet CDs, but instead of singing with a guest singer it is a cornucopia of guitarists.

Anyway, you can listen to Candye on iTunes, if you want to get a sense of what she is about before you go to

Go to
Go to

You can also visit (Make sure you put that "e" after candy) or you can visit her at and get her latest tour dates.

And let me just be clear here. Candye is not just an artist. She is an activist. You don't need to agree with her activism to enjoy her music. But she isn't one of those artists who is afraid of making political/social/cultural statements. You will see that if you visit her site. She is also a sweetheart and a true gentlewoman.

In closing, being an independent artist is hard. Buying a $20 CD or paying a $10 cover charge helps in ways that you would not believe.

Actually tomorrow, I'll talk a little about that.



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