Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18 2013

Screen Capture 24 Preludes. Dancer: Maxim Tchernychev

Daily Stuff: Dad's B-day today. Took him and Mom and Karen to Davanti Enoteca in Little Italy. Dad loves the meat and cheese platter and the small serving sizes. had to convince Mom to try the Octopus. She has been wanting to get it the last three times we have one.

I was however a little upset at the server. Usually they just let you order a bit and then more. This young lady was a bit insistent that we order everything at once. I told her fine but that we still wanted it in stages. Of course, it all came out at the same time. :( So too much food on the table.

Didn't get a chance to do my zoo walk because of the festivities, but did go down the San Salvador Building project.

And more importantly, DID stay on my diet.

One more week to see In The Heights. Two for SUDS. If you are in town, don't miss them!



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