Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16 2013

Screen Capture 24 Preludes. Dancer: Maxim Tchernychev. Online now

Daily Stuff: Marketing meeting in the morning. Finished up the season brochure. I'll send it off to the printers by Monday at the latest. Firmed up a meeting with Florence Elementary School and the Assistance League for next week. Sent off some copy and photos to Young Audiences for our fall matinees,

Things seem to be charging along.
SUDS is still running. That's a shot from the Secret Agent Man number. Usually one of the cast's favorite sections because it is so silly.

Zoo walks continue. The rhino was kicking up dust. I decided to stop and stretch for a moment in one of the aviaries. It was pretty cool. I thought that I was just staring at greenery, and then things started to move. Like something out of some camouflage sci-fi movie. So birds that I hadn't realized I was staring right at came to life. A lot of them. And very large and brightly colored. Who knew scarlet and purple were colors that blended in so well in the jungle.

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