Friday, August 16, 2013

August 15 2013

Screen Capture 24 Preludes. Dancer: Maxim Tchernychev

Daily Stuff: Sent out an extra e-blast today. All about what I did during the summer. It had all the good SUDS and In The Heights reviews.  So a bit of blowing my own trumpet. Which I hardly ever do.

Did a bit more office work. Wrote a couple of thank you notes.

Keeping up with the zoo walks. Was much easier today. The uphill walk up Tiger River wasn't as horrible. Even jogged up a bit of it. The volunteers are beginning to remember my face. Today' animal all star had to be this odd Andean condor. He was standing at the front of is cave/nest looking like a fuzzy caveman. Not luke a bid at all. Very odd vibe.

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