Friday, August 09, 2013

August 7 & 8 2013

Screen Capture of 24 Preludes. Dancer: Maxim Tchernychev

Daily Stuff: Going up a little late. Had to deal with a flat tire yesterday :(
Kinda threw me off a bit. Luckily, the tire was flat as soon as I went out to the car. So I didn't have a blowout. Put some Fix-A-Flat in it and drove to the tire store. Since my tires were still under warranty, they fixed it for free.

So I was late in picking up Chelsy to go speak to students at CVH. I made it there in time to facilitate it though. It went will. She spoke about life in a big ballet company and showed her pointe show regimen.

Today, we did the same thing but down at the Middle School. It went equally well.

In the evening, we all went to see In The Heights. The show is holding up well. They all had an early morning tv call, so were a little tired. But they didn't show it.

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