Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29 2013

Don Juan in Tech Rehearsal February 2013. Photo: Manuel Rotenberg. Dancers: Max Tchernychev, Stephanie Maiorano, Joe Hochschild, Chris Jovilar. At this point, Don Juan is left on the "ship" with the cabin boy. This whole section was done to a piece of music that had a different voicing than the rest of the ballet.  Rather than using Spanish guitars, this was set to a harp concerto. The new instrumentation really allowed us to "go" somewhere else in this sequence. Not just on water as opposed to land, but to see the passage of time in a different (more lyrical and episodic) way.

Daily Stuff: Had a nice meeting with Judy McDonald this morning at Chi Chocolat (a cafe close to the studio). Much good stuff was spoken of. Civic engagement and creating artistic communities. And better yet, we actually discussed some concrete things as well. In a nice sunny spot no less. :)

Dropped by the Women's Museum of California on the way back. They have a exhibition of Trina Robbins work opening on the 7th. Trina was the writer who's stuff I adapted for Eternally Bad. The show is entitled Wonder Women: On Paper and Off. Since the exhibit features Wonder Woman, I suggested one of Julie Warren's pictures that is hanging in the Mandel Weiss gallery. It is of Candye Kane dressed as WW. They seemed interested. We shall see if I can facilitate it.

Then went to In The Heights workshops at the SCPA. The show has A LOT of movement in it. So far we have set most of the background movement for the opening number "In The Heights," as well as a little bit of movement for the numbers "96,000", "Blackout", and "Carnival Del Barrio." The last number is kind of fun because the cast is going to be dancing with shirts and rags, as if they were banners and flags. So it has a lot of volume to the movement. We had over a week off, so there was a bit of review. I have three more days with them, so I am happy with what we have got under our belts.

Teaching my adult class at SDB tonight in about 90 minutes.

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