Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16 2013

Rehearsal Mambomania Fall 2012 Photography : Manny Rotenberg
This section is set to a piece called Mambo en Sax. Basically Mambo played on a saxophone. It was the first part of Mambomania to be choreographed. I think I even started it down on some kids at Chula Vista High when I was teaching there.
Rehearsal Mambomania Fall 2012 Photography : Manny Rotenberg
In the ballet, its a nice section because it starts to bring everyone back together.

Daily Stuff: One of my dancers had car problems this morning so I had to go pick her up for class. SInce I was in early it gave me an opportunity to go over the music for the section of Don Juan I was setting today.

We ran through the Dream and Gypsy sections and I cleaned up some arms and body facings. Its going to be a long process with those sections, but I am not rushing it. Then started working on a section that happens in the middle of the first act. After he is kicked out of a wealthy family's estate, he starts journeying across Spain. And in order to feed himself has a few amorous encounters with various women on their way to market with their wares. I managed to stage about half of it. Max is out of town, so Joe is filling in and doing a nice job.  Its very cute and sweet. And hopefully, funny. The ballet needs to have humor.

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