Sunday, January 06, 2013

January 6 2013

Rehearsal Mambomania   Photography : Manny Rotenberg
Following the first boys solo, we have La Nina Popoff. Which is just as bouncy as the guys solo. You will note that many of the girls will be wearing soft shoes in these pics rather than the harder pointe shoes. Since it was a tech rehearsal, they were saving their shoes. Sometimes they get them just right, so they want to keep them for a show.
Rehearsal Mambomania   Photography : Manny Rotenberg
During this solo, the guy from the previous number keeps sneaking in to dance with her. Along with jumps, this solo is marked by a motif of serpentine arms with bourees that travel quite a bit across the stage. She is a bit like a flying snake. There is also an I Dream of Jeannie head and hip motif throughout.

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