Wednesday, January 09, 2013

January 9 2013

Rehearsal Matt Carney in Mambomania Fall 2012 Photography : Manny Rotenberg
The last part of this particular solo has always been a bit problematic. There are two sustained acrobatic moves and a kip up form the floor. There have been times where I have had guys who would have been great for the solo, but cannot perform the final three moves. Normally, I would change things for dancers if a step doesn't work for them, but in this case the music doesn't permit it.
Rehearsal Matt Carney in Mambomania Fall 2012  Photography : Manny Rotenberg

Daily Stuff: Finished the first movement of the Dream in Don Juan today. It looks pretty good. Started the second movement with the ensemble. Should be able to finish that in the first hour of rehearsal tomorrow and then go on to the tricky 3rd movement. The central Quartet of the second movement has been working in another studio and seems to know it.

Also started the Gypsy section today. Retaught the three solos that precede the pas de deux and they also look fine. Onward!

Went to a meeting for sponsoring organizations for the Creative Catalyst grant today. Since I got a fellowship last year, I thought it would be good to sponsor a fellow this year. We shall see what happens :)

Getting back in the swing. Taught at Florence yesterday. Adult class tonight at SDSB.

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