Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 2012

Rehearsal for 24 Preludes  Photographer: Manny Rotenberg
One of the nice thing about this first section of 24 Preludes was the juxtaposition of a very tall male dancer with a petite female dancer. It made moments like this look as if she was way out in a distant orbit.

Daily Stuff: Just working on Don Juan in my mind.

Caught up with two of my favorite women. First, Michelle Shumacher, a student from when I taught at Chula Vista High School. Michelle went on to have a career in New York as a dancer/actress. So much fun was had catching up over guacamole and mexican food. And now that she is on the West Coast, we will hopefully make our catching up more often.

2nd was my good friend Candye Kane. Candye is recovering from a nerve block to help with some pain relief from a recent surgery. So I went up to see her. She keeps such a busy touring schedule that whenever she is in town I make sure I make contact.



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