Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16 2012

Rehearsal for 24 Preludes  Photographer: Manny Rotenberg
The idea for 24 Preludes is that it will be presented as a web ballet. One prelude will be posted a week. As a sneak peek, I decided to choreograph the first section which consists of 7 preludes presented as a pas de deux. Each piece is fairly short (one to two minutes). It begins with an evocative solo by the female dancer to start the whole ball rolling. That is followed by the entrance of the male dancer and this pas de dex.
 Rehearsal for 24 Preludes  Photographer: Manny Rotenberg

Daily Stuff: Nutcracker matinee. As I mentioned yesterday, we had two replacements in today. They did a wonderful job. Nice full house. Some dancers from past seasons came to visit. That's always nice :)



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