Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21 2012

Rehearsal for 24 Preludes  Photographer: Manny Rotenberg
3rd pas de deux. Another example of the unison steps that begin this pas.

Daily Stuff: Matinee with Young Audiences. Went pretty well. Then zipped over to the office and I got a nice hit on the music for Don Juan. It all started to fall into place. I was having issues figure out the linking sections, but I think I have it now. And some new characters sprang to mind.

Then last night of Nutcracker. My sho was a bit funky, but ok over all. The biggest issue was that the Snow scene drop wouldn't travel across the stage. So it ended up "snowing" indoors. It was sort of ok because by that time the Christmas Tree has grown. So it did have a foresty background. Through some blue light on it and it could almost pas.

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