Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19 2012

Rehearsal for 24 Preludes  Photographer: Manny Rotenberg
Still the same pas. He is about to sweep her around in a cradle lift, which I suppose is kind of a trademark step for me.
Rehearsal for 24 Preludes  Photographer: Manny Rotenberg
The dance ends with a series of dips. One arm. The other arm. Then no arms.

Daily Stuff: Dress Rehearsal for Friday's show tonight. We have a student matinee of Act Two tomorrow, so we needed to do the dress for Friday before that. As for me, as soon as I finished my First Act stuff, I had to zip over to SDSB to teach an adult class. It's fine. All I do in Act Two is walk across the stage once.



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