Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12 2012

 Tech Rehearsal Romeo et Juliet 2012. Photos by Greg Olive.
Tech Rehearsal Romeo et Juliet 2012. Photos by Greg Olive.

Daily Stuff - A little late but... Woke up to the sounds of the church bells of Florence. Got myself to the train station and zipped to Rome.

Walked from the train station to my hotel. Have to admit, I got lost. But the consolation is that the scenery was nice. Lucky for me, my hotel I near the Colosseum. So when I had to ask for directions, everyone seemed to know the way.

Checked in to my small, but ornate room, and was ready to unwind until my 8pm guided walk of Rome. Lucky for me, I checked my schedule and saw that it was at 5pm, not 8. Already 3:30. Just enough time to get out and walk. My path took me through Ancient Rome and Downtown.

Met my guide at the top of the Spanish steps.  Did I mention the heat? Anyhow, she was nice and knowledgable. Small tour group. Off we went and I saw the "highlights." Good times.

As I was walking back to my hotel room, I had to walk past Ancient Rome and the Colosseum again. I know its silly to say, but it gave me a very Vegas Strip vibe.

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