Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11 2012

 Tech Rehearsal Romeo et Juliet 2012. Photos by Greg Olive.
Tech Rehearsal Romeo et Juliet 2012. Photos by Greg Olive.

Daily Stuff - Still in Florence. Yesterday, did the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens. The Palace was nice and big. Lots of art crammed all over the place. Unlike a lot of museums, they also had lots of places to sit.
Had a classic European sandwich at the museum cafe. And by classic, I mean a thin sliver of cheese and a thin sliver of some meat. I love Europe, but they need to come to America to learn how to make a decent sandwich.
Then went for a stroll in the Boboli Gardens. And by stroll, I mean hike.
But it was exactly what I needed. So much time in the past 2 days has been spent on manufactured beauty, I was missing the natural.
Came back to the room. Took a nap. And went to Trattoria Nella for Caprese salad and Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Both were great.

Today, I went to the Palazzo Vecchio. Very impressed with the ceiling decorations. Climbed the Tower. I think I was dead right to take this little trip at this point in my life. My tower climbing days (at least the enjoyment of the climbing) are ebbing.
Tonight, I am deciding whether I should be adventurous or just go back and have my spaghetti. after all, it's not like I can order it from the same place when I get back to California.

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