Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August 1 2012

Tech Rehearsal Romeo et Juliet 2012. Photos by Greg Olive.

Daily Stuff - Last night had a lovely meeting with an old student from CVH, Donna Brines. Its always nice when they turn out so well.

Began the day bright and early with a meeting at Florence Elementary. Just getting a calendar down for next year.

Then I zipped over to SDB to finalize our Educational Outreach flyer and do some more office work.

This evening, I was speaking at a Voice of San Diego Meeting of the Minds function. The topic that they decided they wanted me to speak about was "Defying Stereotypes through Drama."

I was brilliant.

On a a sad note, one of the two baby cockatiels I was handfeeding didn't make it. :) He was just a little too weak from the start.

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