Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dec 23 2011

Rehearsal for SDB's Echale Salsita. Photographer: Manny Rotenberg. Dancers: Tiffany Koepke. As I have in all the pics, I have cropped the original photo to my own sensibilities. That doesn't mean that the top of this image was unattractive. Just that what was "important" me wasn't highlighted. Even though ballet dancers are traditionally thought of as light and airy, sometimes it is the interplay between defying gravity (by pointe work and the effortless jumps) and the illumination of weight and mass that is arresting. In this case, Tiffany's slightly bent front leg and the weight and flow of the costume, gives the photo a sensuality that it would not have if it was just a pretty picture.

Ah well, working on the newsletter in the office. Its interesting to see how all the little things we do (personal appearances, educational outreach, etc) add up with the big things (Fall show, Tour, Nutcracker) to make for full and interesting year.

Its also nice to be in the office without the usual mayhem of the school going on. Apart from Max coaching some girls upstairs for a competition in January, the building is very quiet.

On the minus side, I am going to have to teach 3 classes at our annual Free Day of Dance the day after Christmas and my back still hasn't fully recovered from the injury during Nutcracker. Hopefully, it will be fine in 3 days.

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