Monday, November 14, 2011

Dec 17 2011

Rehearsal of SDB's Alice:Wonderland. Photographer: Manny Rotenberg. Dancer:Arielle Meads. And we will leave Alice gazing into the future. Tomorrow, we will begin with some rehearsal shots from Echale Salsita.

Well, yesterday we had a performance at the Naval Training Center (NTC) in the evening. For the most part it went well. It was walking distance from our studio, so we got ready and then walked over. A group is trying to start a Christmas weekend event in Point Loma (our neighborhood) and asked us to be involved.

The stage was plenty pig and the staff on hand was nice and helpful. It was also kind of fun walking in my Herr Drosselmeyer cape from the studio to the stage on a windy day. I felt like Bela Lugosi.

The one unfortunate thing is... somehow I messed up my back during the show. I didn't feel anything, but when I got back to the studio to change, I had a great deal of pain bending over and/or lifting anything that weighed more than 10 lbs. It feels a little better today, but I am probably going to have to adjust my show a bit to compensate.

Oh well, 2 shows today. Matinee and evening. :)

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