Monday, November 14, 2011

Dec 16 2011

Rehearsal for SDB's Alice:Wonderland. Photographer:Manny Rotenberg. Dancer: Rachel Sebastian-Hagquist. The Queen of Hearts. Red on red on red.

Last night at the dress rehearsal, we had an injury. So we have had to do some more reshuffling. So after the class I taught this morning, we had a put in rehearsal for Waltz of the Flowers. Then a kid's matinee. Then a Snow put in rehearsal. Pack the costumes up for an outdoor show tonight at the Naval Training Center and then tomorrow back to la Jolla for a matinee and evening show.

It sounds bad, but I can't wait until Monday.. The big reason is that when we get into show mode, I tend to eat out more often than we are in rehearsal mode. Which means my wallet gets thinner and my waistline gets bigger :)

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