Monday, November 14, 2011

Dec 20 2011

Rehearsal for SDB's Echale Salsita. Photographer: Manny Rotenberg. Dancers: Robert Callan & Lyndon Dou.

More work on The Toughest Girl Alive today. Yesterday, I blocked through the first act with our new supporting player. Today, I did the second. Tonight, I'll be meeting with Robin, and Karen (our general manager) over dinner to discuss upcoming strategies.

Last night's meeting was interesting. I had thought that the proposed one woman show project was going to be more of a theatrical undertaking. While it IS that, it also has more of a spiritual/self-realization component to it. It is currently in an outline form, so I encouraged the artist to write a bit more of the actual monologues she will present and to find the connections in the various areas of interest.

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