Monday, February 11, 2008

A little breather

Sorry, I have been gone for a few days.

I was very busy restaging When We Have The Stars and Mambomania. Got a nice chunk done. Both pieces should be set by the end of the week, if not earlier. I shortened one of the pieces from Joplin, it was just too long. It is much better now.

As its Monday, I had the day off from the ballet. I took advantage of that to go down to Chula Vista Middle to work with the kids to fulfill my obligations for the California Arts Council.

Our YouTube clip today is...

Cheek to Cheek. I had mentioned that this was one of my favorite things. Now you can go and watch it. There was another version of this on YouTube without the subtitles, but for some reason they decided that it would be okay to cut off Fred and Ginger at the ankles for most of the dance.

This dance looks so simple, but every time I watch it I catch some cool little thing that Fred throws in. I really feel sorry for the latest generation, whose idols think that flash is a substitute for class. And worldliness equals sophistication.

It makes me think of the Grammy Awards, which were on last night. Today's singers all sing as if they want to impress you. Hearing Alicia Keyes "duet" with Frank Sinatra just brought this to the fore. He was just singing a song. She was working.

Well, I don't want to be "Impressed" with a singer. I want to be "moved" by a song.

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