Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friar's Point Shuffle - Trio

The penultimate dance in the piece was a trio, featuring Shannon (the first soloist) and the two men.

I thought this was a nice way to let Shannon have something like the dance that she didn't get to do in Sonnets (because of her injury). The difference between the two dances (apart form the fact that Sonnets was 3 guys and girl) would be that in Sonnets the girl is relatively passive. She is passed from guy to guy.

With this piece, I asked Shannon. "Why do you think you have two guys partnering you?" She couldn't think of a reason, so I told her... "Because you are too much woman for one man."

For me, things always have to have a logic to them. In this small ballet, there are a lot of choreographic "relationships."

Shannon BEGINS the piece alone. She then has the LAST "dance' with two men.

At the beginning of the ballet (after Shannon's prelude solo), the two girls who dancing with the guys are the two soloists. Shannon's partner is Abby. The two girls who have the partnered pieces in the ballet. Abby will have two dances (one with one guy and one with the other. 2 with 1) While Shannon will have one dance (one with two guys. 1 with 2.)

If you count the solo that Shannon in front of the curtain as a prelude, the two girls solos sit exactly on either side of the exact center of the ballet.

I hated math in school, but I loved order. Did I mention that as a kid, I used to go into stores and instead of going to the toy department, I would go put all of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries in order.

Order and chaos. The manipulation of energy is an important concept in keeping things interesting onstage.

Anyhoo, this all sets us up for the Finale, which is up next...



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